Color: SLG    Lens: CR S Green Grad AR   Size: 60□12-140

Color: SS     Lens: CR S Grey Grad AR    Size: 60□12-140

Color: SGB    Lens: CR S Grey Grad AR   Size: 60□12-140

Color: SGB-M    Lens: CR S Brown Grad AR+60% Gold Mirror    Size: 60□12-140

Color: SSNV     Lens: CR S Grey Grad AR+60% Silver Mirror    Size: 60□12-140


From the memorable iconic “Pilot Bottle”, comes the fulfilling and profound piece the “Spacer”. A detailed and gripping twist of its predecessor, but with a smaller teardrop lens frame for accessibility and design. The cool design will leave you shivering with content, as you can’t take your eyes of the mirror wearing it. You will be caught in a dilemma of what best wardrobe you’re going to wear because everything goes with this eyewear. This will definitely bring out the best in you especially with your appearance.

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