Color: SLG    Lens: N Brown Grad    Size: 60口16-145
Color: RG    Lens: N Brown Grad    Size: 60口16-145
Color: SS    Lens: N Grey Grad    Size: 60口16-145
Color: SLG-PM    Lens: N Brown Grad+Pastel Pink Mirror    Size: 60口16-145
Color: SS-BM    Lens: N Grey Grad+Pastel Blue Mirror    Size: 60口16-145


Simple and classic but lavishly designed piece. The screws in the frame are placed in front for design purpose and to give accent for the consumer’s facial features. Stylish design, full titanium and detailed temple end. A perfect piece for both male and female consumers. The stylish design of this piece will be a trendsetting.

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