Color: SLG-G    Lens: CR Clear+CR 39 L.Green Solid    Size: 49□22-145

Color: SLG-P    Lens: CR Clear+CR 39 L.Pink Solid    Size: 49□22-145

Color: SLG-LB    Lens: CR Clear+CR 39 Caramel Brown    Size: 49□22-145

Color: SS-B    Lens: CR Clear+CR 39 L.Blue Solid    Size: 49□22-145

Color: SS-G    Lens: CR Clear+CR 39 Grey Solid    Size: 49□22-145

Color: SG    Lens: CR Clear+N FM Green Solid    Size: 49□22-145

Merry Peanuts VI

Here comes the be-loved Merry Peanuts series, releasing from Eque.M’s new collection. An idea for this piece has been elaborated from the past series, which best deserves for the 6thmodel as Merry Peanuts series. Remarkable piece which will remain in people’s memory.

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