Eque.M is issuing an official warning to counterfeiters, that ‘we are going to take action’. Proceedings have gone underway to ensure counterfeiting parties face severe punishment for their actions.

Eque.M counterfeit pieces have been found online and circulating in retail stores at discounted prices.

This is why Eque.M is officially issuing a customer alert of the counterfeit products circulating and urge customers to be weary of where they are purchasing their beloved Eque.M eyewear pieces.

The illegal products bear the same trademark, model names, colour codes, signatures as an official Eque.M eyewear, however the most obvious way to check a counterfeit is the level of quality; Stainless steel is used instead of Titanium, as well as usage of plastic colours that are not officially used by Eque.M.

The only official retailers selling Eque.M are listed on the Eque.M website in the stock list section of the website.

Counterfeit products are not manufactured by Eque.M and are not covered by the Eque.M warranty and Eque.M do not provide service for counterfeit products. There have been some stories where counterfeit pieces are sold to customers and because of the compromise on the quality, the pieces are easily damaged and customers are not able to get a repair, as the retailers they purchased from are not official dealers.

All Eque.M pieces are all designed, manufactured and assembled in Japan with their associated factories and do not have any other manufacturing facility, anywhere else in the world. A Eque.M being shipped, from any other country other than Japan, is most likely going to be a counterfeit.

Eque.M are constantly trying to reduce the number of counterfeits on the market. 

Being an exclusive brand, the supply of Eque.M remains high. Please also take note; Eque.M do not discount on any of their products and also, prices to distributors, dealers and retailers, are structured so that no one seller has an unfair advantage over any other seller. Should a hugely discounted piece of Eque.M be found, please think twice before purchasing this piece.

Thank you for your concern on this serious matter.