Color: ABG     Lens: S Grey Grad AR    Size: 52□19-145

Color: ABG-M     Lens: S Brown Grad AR+60% Gold Mirror    Size: 52□19-145

Color: ABS     Lens: S Grey Grad AR     Size: 52□19-145

Color: ABS-M     Lens:  S Grey Grad AR+80% Silver Mirror    Size: 52□19-145

Color: CM     Lens: S Brown Grad AR     Size: 52□19-145

Confidential Wink

From our supremacy collection comes Confidential Wink. The temples are made of beta titanium for flexibility and comfort, with a combination of Japanese acetate that makes a stunning innovative piece. The stylish top bar, and bridge’s are cutting edge. The end piece and the soft temple end are trademarks of this masterpiece that differentiate from other sunglasses. The design is a complete perfection. Excellence of this craft is very outstanding. This item uses original acetate then trimmed to form the rim, which then combined and immobilized with its titanium rim.

This item is best for everyone especially for the sophisticated, because of its luxurious looks. Truly a timeless piece for the splendid people. This sunglass looks great in any angle and with five color variations for you to choose from. Match it with your extravagant clothes and be confident!

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