Color: SLG    Lens: CR 39 S Olive Grad AR    Size: 59□12-148
Color: SLG-B    Lens: CR 39 S Caramel Brown AR    Size: 59□12-148
Color: SLG-G    Lens: CR 39 S L.Grey Grad AR    Size: 59□12-148
Color: MB    Lens: CR 39 S Smoke Grad AR    Size: 59□12-148
Color: SS    Lens: CR 39 S Smoke Grad AR    Size: 59□12-148

Classic Blend

Detailed temple design with a valiant double bar and a thick rim covered with patterned tones which embellish the frame front. Timeless sunglass shape with a feature of signature details of Eque.M.

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