Color: SLG-SP    Lens: CR L.Pink AR+Stripe Silver Mirror    Size: 56□15-145

Color: SLG-SG    Lens: CR FM Green Solid AR+Stripe Gold Mirror  Size: 56□15-145

Color: SS-SB    Lens: CR L.Blue AR+Stripe Silver Mirror   Size: 56□15-145

Color: SS-SG    Lens: CR FM Grey Solid AR+Stripe Sliver Mirror    Size: 56□15-145

California Signal Limited

“California Signal Limited” is showcasing variety of three different options to choose from. It raised the bars higher into a new standard of eyewear. The frame is lighter than ever, the color and designs are exquisite and the hexagon shape has proportional sides making it an amazing work of art. The grand structure of this piece grants you an atmosphere that will make you stand out above all the other rest.

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