Color: SLG-M     Lens: N S Brown Grad AR+60%Gold Mirror    Size: 61□13-140

Color: SS-M     Lens: N S Grey Grad AR+60%Silver Mirror    Size: 61□13-140

Color: SPG     Lens: N S Olive Grad AR+P.Yellow Mirror     Size: 61□13-140

Color: SLG-PM     Lens: N S Brown Grad AR+P.Pink Mirror     Size: 61□13-140

Color: SS-BM     Lens: N S Grey Grad AR+P.Blue Mirror     Size: 61□13-140

Bog Rock

Bog Rock is a sunglass that emphasizes your image with there five fascinating brilliant colors. Each highlights and adds excitement to your look. This is to become a more present-day trend with a 2 base and half rim style and light frames for comfort.

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