Color: SLG     Lens: N S Brown Grad AR     Size: 6414-140

Color: SS     Lens: N S Grey Grad AR     Size: 6414-140

Color: SLG-M     Lens: N S Brown Grad+60% Gold Mirror    Size: 6414-140

Color: SS-M     Lens: N S Grey Grad+60% Solid Mirror    Size: 6414-140

Color: MW     Lens: N S Brown Grad AR    Size: 6414-140

Color: SPG-M     Lens: N S Brown Grad AR+P.Yellow Mirror    Size: 6414-140

Ace II

Long – awaited new model “Ace II” is one of the top-selling piece of Eque.M’s Collection. The frame and the nose pad are made of titanium, to make it a more comfortable piece to wear for our consumers. And nylon strings for immobilizing lenses and for a more stand out design. The titanium frame covers only half of the lens for a much cooler design. This item can cover your face for a sophisticated adventurous look with a hint of charm. A must have item for the summer.

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