Color: SLG    Lens: CR Olive Grad AR    Size: 59□14-148

Color: SLG-L    Lens: CR B-50H Brown AR    Size: 59□14-148

Color: MB    Lens: CR Grey Solid AR    Size: 59□14-148

Color: SLG-DR    Lens: CR Grey Grad AR    Size: 59□14-148

Color: SS-NV    Lens: CR Grey Grad AR    Size: 59□14-148



Coming from a Japanese mythology where they believed that the three-footed crow has lead and guided a person to the right path. A sign of victory best describes as this sunglass will be taking you to places with your own beliefs. Mystical three footed crow, “Yatagarasu” will resemble its dynamic piece. Extravagant frame with a feature of high precision designs on some detailed parts.

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