Color: SGB     Lens: N S Brown Grad+60% Gold Mirror    Size: 59□16-135

Color: SLGSSーPM     Lens: N S Brown Grad+Pastel Pink Mirror   Size: 59□16-135

Color: PSC     Lens: N S Grey Grad+60% Silver Mirror   Size: 59□16-135

Color: MBG     Lens: N S Grey Grad+Blue Mirror    Size: 59□16-135

Color: SPG     Lens: NS Brown Grad+Pastel Yellow Mirror    Size: 59□16-135


Orca is a masterpiece. It has been 5D designed using a jig tool. Using a 3.0mm titanium plate then pressing the titanium plate 3 times, because the plate is thick. Then pre trimming the outside of the diameter for a comfortable fit. After trimming, a machine with X, Y, Z-axis pedestal cuts the inside, outside diameter and the position of the end piece. Then buffed roughly by the machine to make an angle then brazed. After brazing the machine polishes the piece then once again hand polish. After that it is layered with painting, plating and cloisonné. 

Everyone will be amazed by the design and the variation colors, are very fashionable. It has a big impact to all who wearers. And a big hit for the summer.

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