Color: ABG-M      Lens: CR 39 S Brown Grad+60% Gold Mirror     Size: 61□14-145

Color: MBG     Lens: CR 39 S Grey Grad     Size: 61□14-145

Color: ABS-M     Lens: CR 39 S Grey Grad+80% Silver Mirror    Size: 61□14-145

Color: MBS     Lens: CR 39 S Grey Grad     Size: 61□14-145

Color: SPGSLG-M     Lens: CR 39 Olive Grad+Pastel Green Mirror     Size: 61□14-145

Color: SLGSS-M     Lens: CR 39 S Brown Grad+Pastel Pink Mirror     Size: 61□14-145

Color: MWG     Lens: CR 39 S Brown Grad     Size: 61□14-145


Kaleidoscope Collections

       Kaleidoscope is an optical tube like instrument that when looked through, emits a colorful designs of symmetrical patterns.

Inspired by the kaleidoscope, this collection resembles the essence by a process called swaging technique. Where the titanium is compressed and detailed, making the rims glitter in brilliance, combined with the lush colored reflective lenses that glimmers in the light. Truly making this an eyewear of spectacle and glamour.  

A piece known from its magnificence, with a titanium rim surrounded with a details that’s sparkles in a luxurious fashion. Flickering rim with a hint of acetate that will leave you awe-struck. Magnificent is the word that will best describe this eyewear, truly is one of the kaleidoscope collections finest.

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